About Us

Miriuwing Gajerrong Corporation (MG Corporation) is recognised under Australian law as holding native title over large areas in the north of the East Kimberley region in Western Australia on behalf of MG people.

Our priority is to leverage the economic opportunities that come with holding native title to provide a strong economic and social base for MG people that protects and enhances MG culture and heritage.

We are committed to building a sustainable economic future for MG people by continuing to work with government and local stakeholders to facilitate a vibrant local economy that enjoys ongoing business development and investment through a skilled and diverse workforce.

To ensure a healthy and supportive MG community, MG Corporation assists with the delivery of culturally appropriate services and facilities that are available and accessible to MG people.

To protect MG Country for future generations, we work to make sure the natural environment is managed in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.

To provide a strong future for all MG people, we work to shape the development of the community and built environment in a way that actively values the culture and character of our community, while remaining accessible to all.

We are always working to build the capacity of MG Corporation and MG people to ensure we can contribute to delivering positive outcomes for the community and its members in partnership with the community, business and government bodies.

Our Values

A Strong Community

MG Corporation will strengthen the capacity and resilience of its community through partnerships with community, business, government and non-government sector groups in pursuing positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.


The MG Corporation board of directors and staff will strive for innovation, continuous improvement and long-term success in management and leadership practices, strategic planning and the performance of new technology and systems.


MG Corporation is accountable to its members and will conduct its affairs openly, in consultation with its community and with integrity and honesty, while reflecting the highest level of democratic governance and administration.

Fairness and equity

MG Corporation recognises and values the needs of different sectors and groups within its community and works in partnership with volunteers, community agencies and state and commonwealth departments to ensure needs are addressed in a planned and timely manner.

Critical Priorities


Protect and enhance MG culture and heritage.


Develop economic activities and income streams using the organisation’s physical and financial capital through the PBCs, the trusts and other partnerships and initiatives.


Support and facilitate improvements in MG community through investment in partnership arrangements with local, State and Federal Governments, non-government organisations, industry and community agencies.


Develop a strong, sustainable and economically viable MG Corporation focusing on core business.