Agriculture & Pastoral

In return for the surrender of native title over large parcels of land in the Ord River Irrigation Area, the OFA granted MG Corporation the right to a proportion of land in those and other areas. These development areas include land at Goomig, Knox Plain, Mantinea and the Ord West Bank.

MG Corporation has also elected to move outside of the provisions of the OFA to acquire and develop agricultural land in the region in collaboration with local stakeholders and joint venture partners.


The first cotton crop on Goomig Lots 15 & 16 was planted in early 2020 as part of a three-year trial.

Despite some challenges, the trial crops produced high quality cotton with a glowing white colour, long staple and ideal strength.

With the success of these early cotton trials, MG Corporation is working towards a long-term agreement with a third party to farm cotton on its land.

Kimberley Cotton Gin Project

MG Corporation is a founding partner in Kimberley Cotton Company (KCC), along with the Ord River District Cooperative (ORDCO) and Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI), which was formed to establish a multi-user cotton processing facility in Kununurra.

The cotton gin is projected to deliver at least $250 million of direct public benefit to the region and facilitate a long-standing cotton industry in the Ord Valley.

The Kununurra gin is currently in the construction stage on a 79.4ha site on Mulligans Lagoon Road in Kununurra. Construction began in June 2023 and is due to be completed and operational in the second half of 2025.


July 2020

State Government provides $100,000 grant to investigate potential for a cotton gin in Kununurra.

January 2021
State Government provides $4 million in funding for electricity infrastructure at proposed site.

April 2021
Kimberley Cotton Company Limited formed between MGC, ORDCO and KAI.

August 2021
KCC signs MoU with Namoi Cotton to support gin development.

August 2022
State Government leases 79.4ha site to KCC for cotton gin.

November 2022
Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility closes $34 million loan for constructing Stage 1 of Kununurra cotton gin.

May 2023
KCC approves construction of cotton gin.

June 2023
KCC begins construction of cotton gin.

Ord West Bank

MG Corporation has yet to elect which parcel of land it will acquire within the Ord West Bank development as part its entitlements under the OFA and is currently in discussion with the State Government regarding the development of that area. Which lot(s) it acquires will depend on the outcome of negotiations with the State Government regarding a development proposal for surrounding areas.

Separate to its OFA entitlements, MG Corporation has also submitted a proposal to the State Government regarding the agricultural development of areas surrounding the Ord West Bank development area. Consistent with the region’s strong focus on agricultural development, MG Corporation’s proposal seeks to open up new areas for farming in the region. Third party developers have already expressed an interest in working with MG Corporation to develop this land.

Ord East Bank

Whilst the OFA does not afford MG Corporation any land entitlement as part of any agricultural development of the Ord East Bank area, it contains a right for MG Corporation to receive a cash payment of 5% of the value of any lots.

Separate to the OFA provisions, a proposal for the development of Ord East Bank and surrounding lands has been jointly submitted to the State Government by MG Corporation and the Ord Irrigation Cooperative. The Ord East Bank development proposal represents a new phase of MG Corporation’s development in terms of its relationship with Ord Stage 1 farmers and presents an exciting opportunity in terms of economic growth for MG people and the region more broadly. 

Knox Plain

Knox Plain Given the high cost of developing and clearing land in the Knox Plain area for agricultural use, MG Corporation has elected to receive a payment in lieu of its entitlement to the freehold interest in agricultural land within the Knox Plain development.

In December 2022, the State Government announced a $77.1 million package to upgrade water infrastructure to Knox Plain, including widening of the Main Water Supply (M1) Channel. The works are projected to be completed by 2027.


As the proposed development of Mantinea is in its infancy, MG Corporation has not yet commenced discussions regarding its land entitlements within the area.