Social Initiatives

To ensure a healthy and supportive MG community, MG Corporation assists with the delivery of a range of culturally appropriate social initiatives that are available and accessible to MG people.

To support and facilitate improvements in MG community, we partner with local, State and Federal Governments, non-government organisations, industry and community agencies to deliver evidence-based social and community development projects.

As part of an integrated community development approach, MG Corporation engages with other Aboriginal organisations and key stakeholders to maximise the social benefit for MG people and the East Kimberley community more broadly.

100+ Jobs Initiative

The 100+ Jobs Initiative was launched in 2018 in partnership with the goal of getting at least to get at 100 Indigenous people in the East Kimberley into long-term employment.

The 100+ Jobs Initiative targets those people who are the most marginalised and hard to reach in Wyndham, Halls Creek and Kununurra.

The Initiative helps participants benefit from the opportunities employment provides not just financially, but in giving people a sense of purpose and to feel valued in the community, to make them feel proud, and set an example for their children.

Since the program’s launch, its participants have have been employed in a wide variety of industries including administration, agriculture, aged care, construction, Aboriginal corporations, hospitality, traffic management, plumbing, surveying and mining.

The program is funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency and delivered in partnership with Binarri-binyja yarrawoo, backbone organisation for Empowered Communities in the East Kimberley and the State and Federal governments.

Home Stretch Program

The Department of Communities’ Home Stretch program provides young people leaving out of home care at 18 with the option to continue to receive support up until the age of 21 years.

The Home Stretch WA model was co-designed with young people with lived experience of transitioning from care, with a particular focus on the needs of young Aboriginal people and their families.

The Home Stretch WA program is voluntary, young people must consent to participate.

MG Corporation has partnered with the Department of Communities to deliver the Home Stretch WA program across Kununurra, Wyndham and surrounding communities.

The key elements of the Home Stretch WA model are:

  • A Smooth Transition
  • Transition Coach
  • Invest in Me Fund
  • Staying On Agreement and Subsidy
  • Housing Allowance
  • Support Circles

Learn more about Home Stretch WA:


Jawun is a small not-for-profit organisation that leverages the capabilities of corporate and philanthropic Australia to support innovative programs of change in indigenous communities by placing skilled secondees into Indigenous organisations.

The Jawun model consists of four key components:

  • An emphasis on Indigenous-led organisations and initiatives
  • A local or ‘place-based’ focus
  • Partnerships across different sectors
  • Programs which utilise the unique skills of our partners

MG Corporation has welcomed a number of secondees from Jawun since the partnership was formed in 2010.

Learn more about Jawun’s contributions to the East Kimberley region here.

Target 120

Target 120 program works to reduce juvenile reoffending rates and helps at-risk young people aged between 10 and 14 years old to get their lives back on track.

The program is funded to support 10 identified young people and their immediate families to build the capacity for the young person to re-engage with the appropriate services, offering support for both the individual and their respective family.

MG Corporation’s Target 120 Program has provides a holistic wraparound service to address any barriers, issues or concerns that the families may have.

The State Government program had been delivered by the Department of Communities since its launch in 2017.

MG Corporation recognises the importance of having programs for Aboriginal people delivered by Aboriginal people and in 2021, MG Corporation proudly became the first Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation in Western Australia to be awarded this contract.

Youth Night Patrol

The community in Kununurra has been alert to the rising number of ‘street present’ children for some time, along with an increase in anti-social and criminal behaviour.

These children face significant risks to their wellbeing and safety when on the streets, which can be made worse by a lack of access to support.

To help mitigate those risks and keep street present youth safe in evenings and overnight, MG Corporation runs a Youth Night Patrol service three nights per week in Kununurra.

The service is funded through MG Corporation’s successful application for a grant under Round Two of the Kimberley Community Action Fund (KCAF) program.

The KCAF’s overarching goal is to support projects that reduce crime, improve community safety and security, provide engaging activities and places for young people at risk of offending, and enhance community empowerment.

This is just one of the ways MG Corporation is working to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people on country.