Economic Development

MG Corporation is committed to building a strong economic and social base for MG people by pursuing an inclusive economic development agenda, while protecting and enhancing MG culture and heritage.

With administrative and operational funding under the Ord Final Agreement no longer active, MG Corporation has worked towards self-sufficiency in the short term, while also pursuing long-term objectives.

With this in mind, MG Corporation’s focus on economic development has seen the growth of its existing property portfolio, robust investigation of commercial prospects regarding its land areas and the development of joint venture arrangements with third parties to promote sustainable economic growth.

As ever, MG Corporation endeavors to balance its economic objectives with the goals of MG people; this is particularly the case when dealing with land development in light of MG people’s strong cultural connection to country. No development will take place on any land areas without strong consultation and collaboration with the relevant Dawang.

Agriculture & Pastoral

Renewable Energy



Development Packages