Our People

MG Corporation is supported in its mission to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of MG people by its team of employees and a governance model chosen by MG people which reflects a traditional cultural structure.

This governance structure comprises MG Corporation itself, three subsidiary trustee companies, two prescribed bodies corporate (MG PBCs), as well as a number of joint management bodies and government partnerships.

To ensure MG Corporation is representative of the entire MG community, members of each Dawang (traditional land or estate group) are given the opportunity to participate at all governance levels.

Learn more about the people and corporate entities that are working to achieve a Strong Country, Strong Culture and Strong Future on MG land below.

Our Team

Directly employed by MG Corporation, our team of staff members manage administration and service delivery for our organisation.

MG Corporation’s direct employees are responsible for administration and delivery of our services and programs.

General Manager of Operations

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Corporate Services Manager

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Target 120/Home Stretch Team Leader

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Manager of Youth Services

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The Board

The MG Board of Directors comprises five MG directors, up to five alternate MG directors and up to two independent directors.

Current Board Members (end of current term):
  • E Lawford Benning  – Executive Chair (12/04/2024)
  • Carol Hapke – Director  (03/05/2025)
  • Ahmuth Bin Omar – Director (03/05/2025)
  • Anthony Wilkes – Independent Director (16/11/2025)

The Garralyel

The Garralyel comprises MG elders recognised as holding traditional knowledge of country and is the traditional decision-making authority for matters related to MG law and culture

The Garralyel provides guidance and advice to MG Corporation and its related entities, particularly the MG PBCs and the Dawang Land Trust, in relation to native title, heritage issues, country, culture, law and language, as well as Dawang membership and the composition of each MG group.

PBCs and the Dawang Land Trust, in relation to native title, heritage issues, country, culture, law and language, as well as Dawang membership and the composition of each MG group.

The Garralyel also acts as an advisory body to the Dawang Council, making recommendations regarding traditional decision-making and adherence to MG law and cultural practices.

Dawang Council

The Dawang Council is made up of 16 MG members representing each Dawang (traditional land or estate group).

Each Dawang Council Representative is chosen by the relevant Dawang members in accordance with traditional decision-making within that group. The Dawang Council approves MG membership, approves the appointment of directors of MG Corporation and its related entities, approves the appointment of the CEO, provides advice and guidance to the MG Board of directors and MG entities and determines the priorities and vision of MG Corporation, approving the MG strategic plan.

The Dawang Council may refer matters to the Garralyel for guidance and advice in relation to county, culture, law, language and heritage.

List of Dawang:

  • Balaburr
  • Bigainbeng
  • Bilbidjing
  • Djanaiwan
  • Dulbung
  • Dun Dun
  • Kalamunda
  • Mandangala/Tiltiwam
  • Nyawanyawn
  • Tjigulmirri
  • Wadainybeng
  • Wirrum
  • Yardungarrl
  • Yirralalem
  • Yunurr/Yalangga

Prescribed Bodies Corporate

The two MG PBCs hold native title on behalf of the MG native title holders for separate determinations over adjacent areas in the East Kimberley.

The MG PBCs do not hold any assets, do not have any employees and do not receive any government funding.

The MG PBCs have a proactive and progressive attitude towards development and work closely with proponents to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

The boards of MG PBC#1 and MG PBC#4 are made up of five MG directors approved by the Dawang Council and appointed by the PBC boards.

Role and responsibilities

Under the Native Title Act, the PBCs are entitled to receive notifications from third parties who wish to conduct any activity on MG land which may have an impact on MG native title rights (this can include public works, exploration, mining, agricultural development, clearance of native vegetation, tourism and other land activities).

Depending on the interest being applied for, MG traditional owners have a further right to comment, consult or negotiate in relation to the activity.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act affords additional rights related to the protection and preservation of Aboriginal heritage and culture, through which the MG PBCs manage heritage issues on behalf of MG traditional owners.

In addition to arranging heritage surveys on a fee-for-service basis, MG PBCs can also work with the Garralyel to identify the correct native title holders to speak to regarding all areas affecting country and can work with anthropologists and archaeologists to ensure that explorers, miners and developers have the necessary permits in place to commence work on MG land.

The MG PBCs also work closely with the relevant native title holders to negotiate mining and other similar agreements and can provide the relevant executive office function for the administration of relevant trust funds and royalty payments.

The MG PBC#1 & PBC#4 Board Members (Current term ends):

  • Joan Simon (12/04/2024)
  • Agnes Armstrong (12/04/2024)
  • Lawford Benning (12/04/2024)
  • Carol Hapke (22/06/2025)


MG Corporation has three subsidiary trustee companies: the Dawang Land Trust, the Developments Trust and the Community Foundation Trust.

Community Foundation Trust

The MG Community Foundation Trust (CFT) is a charitable trust established to provide assistance to MG people for education, community development, promotion of art, law and culture, the relief of poverty, disadvantage, sickness or affliction and for the protection of the natural environment.

The CFT also continues the good work of the Ord Enhancement Scheme management committee after the program came to an end.

In addition to distributions to Dawang groups for charitable objectives, the CFT supports the practice of law and culture by MG people by providing contributions towards the practice of men’s, women’s and whaling activities.

Over the life of the trust, significant contributions have been provided in support of the practice of MG law and culture.

The CFT board is made of no less than two and no more than five MG directors, with a chair elected from within the directors.

Community Foundation Trust Board Members (end of current term):

  • E Lawford Benning – Director (04/05/2025)
  • Carol Hapke – Director (04/05/2025)
  • Ahmuth Bin Omar – Director (04/05/2025)
  • Rachel Rose McGarry – Independent Director

Dawang Land Trust

The MG Dawang Land Trust (DLT) receives and holds traditional country of the MG people, including community living areas, conservation areas, buffer areas and other areas of cultural or historical significance.

It also holds the freehold interest in Yardungarrl, a 50,000-hectare parcel of land to the north of Lake Argyle representing an area of great cultural importance to the MG people and the largest land transfer ever to take place in Western Australia.

The board of the MG Dawang Land Trust consists of up to three MG directors and one independent director, nominated by the MG Corporation directors.

Developments Trust

The MG Developments Trust was created as the economic development arm of MG Corporation. The MG Developments Trust works closely with the other MG Corporation entities and is committed to building a strong economic base for MG people beyond the life of the OFA by pursuing an inclusive economic development agenda, while protecting and enhancing MG culture and heritage.