Our Partners

There are several ways for potential partners to work with MG Corporation:

How to connect with MGC

  • Aboriginal Development Package (ADP): MG Corporation has the right to negotiate ADPs with parties awarded the right to develop certain areas of land including Goomig, Knox Plain, Mantinea and Ord West Bank.
  • Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA): An ILUA is a voluntary agreement between native title parties and other people or bodies about the use and management of areas of land and/or waters. ILUAs bind all native title holders to the terms of the agreement and operate as a contract between the parties.
  • Joint Venture: MG Corporation is open to forming joint ventures with interested parties to ensure it has a more active role with organisations operating on its land. Example: Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnership

To pursue any of these options with MGC or explore any other possible opportunities, contact us via email, phone or through the contact form on this website.

Current partners


As part of an integrated community development approach, MG Corporation engages with other Aboriginal organisations and key stakeholders for the benefit of MG people and the East Kimberley community more broadly.

MG Corporation is represented at various regional levels, including with respect to the Takeaway Alcohol Management System (TAMS) and the State Government’s District Leadership Group.

MG Corporation is also one of the founding members of the East Kimberley Empowered Communities reform initiative (Binarri-binya Yarrawoo Aboriginal Corporation – BBY). Empowered Communities is a set of transformational national reforms for an Indigenous Empowerment agenda, which involves a fundamental shift away from the traditional social policy framework within which Indigenous affairs has been conducted. At its heart is the principle of subsidiarity – that authority to decide and act should rest at the closest level possible to the people or organisations the decision or action is designed to serve. MG Corporation supports the Empowered Communities reform initiative and, in particular, its empowerment agenda with respect to economic development in the East Kimberley region.