Development Packages

Under the OFA, MG Corporation has the right to negotiate Aboriginal Development Packages (ADPs) with parties awarded the right to develop certain areas of land including Goomig, Knox Plain, Mantinea and Ord West Bank.

Goomig: MG Corporation successfully negotiated an ADP with the State Government in 2010 for the development of land at Goomig. The agreement was valued at approximately $12.5 million and included provisions to generate training and employment opportunities for MG people, as well as funding for social programs including the Goomig Tertiary Scholarship Fund.

Knox Plain: The ADP for the Knox Plain development was negotiated with KAI and executed at a ceremony in China in 2015. The Knox Plain ADP comprises a benefits package worth approximately $8 million and includes training and employment targets, land clearing and development obligations, milestone payments, and a joint venture proposal between the two parties.

Ord West Bank and Mantinea: MG Corporation is currently negotiating ADPs with respect to the Mantinea and Ord West Bank developments with KAI and TFS respectively, who have been announced as the developing parties of those two areas.  The new ADPs are anticipated to include a renewed focus on economic development opportunities, with provisions for equity in the agricultural development by way of joint venture or land ownership. As with all ADPs negotiated to date, the Mantinea and Ord West Bank packages will include provisions to facilitate training and employment opportunities for MG people.