Annual General Meeting completed

The MG Corporation Annual General Meeting (AGM) was successfully completed on 19 December 2023 with a quorum present.

The AGM was an opportunity for the corporation to provide an update to members on the positive achievements of MG Corporation over the past year, and for members to ask any questions they had about the running of the corporation.

MG Corporation’s achievements in 2023 have included the establishment of the Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnership, commencing construction of a local cotton gin, negotiating heritage protection agreements with Allup Silica and IGO Newsearch to deliver benefits, fending off applications for exploration licences over Yardungarrl, as well as coordinating the delivery of emergency food supplies alongside Foodbank following the Fitzroy Crossing floods.

MG Corporation also continued to raise its profile and build relationships with representation on panels, reference groups, participation in forums, and winning awards.

Members signed off on the financial statements and operational reports of the corporation and agreed on the re-appointment of the independent financial auditor, as required by ORIC.

This is stony country – when I walk across this country where the creeks and the floodwaters have been there are lots of rocks and little stones. Lots of those stones are beautiful coloured ones. We call them gerany. Gerany is also the word for money.