Call for Expressions of Interest for Joint Venture Opportunities

MG Corporation calls for expressions of interest from potential joint venture partners to develop agricultural enterprises on its farmlands in the East Kimberley. This expression of interest is for agricultural enterprises on Goomig Lots 15 (needs partial development) and 16 commencing in 2024 (potentially 2025).

About Goomig Lots 15 & 16

Key Details
Lot 16 on Deposited Plan 402393285ha
Ready to farm
Lot 15 on Deposited Plan 402393390ha
Partially cleared and developed for irrigation, but further development will be required
TenureFreehold for both Lot 15 and Lot 16
Current status of both lotsLaser levelling completed on Lot 16
Tailwater recycling systems installed on Lot 16
Pumps installed on Lot 16
Channel stops installed on Lot 16
Siphons for Lot 16
JV terms on offer from MG Corporation:Open to negotiation
Innovative proposals encouraged, especially those that maximise partnering opportunities for MG
Proponents that take Lot 16 must also take and develop Lot 15
Applicants to demonstrate bona fide financial backing and relevant experience
Term ideally to be structured as an initial term, with extension options by agreement
Partnership or other proposed model to be reviewed at each extension option
Possible right of first refusal available for other MG lands
Site contextAccess via sealed roads
Close proximity (35 kms) to town of Kununurra
Close proximity (145 kms) to Wyndham Port
Remaining areas at Goomig (approximately 6,700ha) is leased by the State government and farmed by Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI)

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Submissions of no more than 10 pages must be made by no later than 30 April 2024.

This is stony country – when I walk across this country where the creeks and the floodwaters have been there are lots of rocks and little stones. Lots of those stones are beautiful coloured ones. We call them gerany. Gerany is also the word for money.