JOINT RELEASE: MG Corporation enters agreement with Wunan Foundation

A unique partnership between two Aboriginal organisations has been contracted to establish essential services in the East Kimberley.

In a landmark collaboration, Wunan Foundation and MG Corporation have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) delivering essential services in the East Kimberley.

This strategic alliance aims to maximise opportunities and drive positive social, economic, and cultural impacts, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all Aboriginal peoples in the region.

The two Aboriginal community-controlled organisations currently provide social services and leverage economic opportunities to enhance the lives of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley.

The first collaborative initiative, funded by the Community Child Care Fund Restricted (CCCFR) Expansion (Closing the Gap) program, initiated by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the Pindan Childcare Centre will commence operation in late-2024.

Wunan Foundation, in collaboration with One Tree Community Services, will oversee childcare services, while MG Corporation, owners of the site, will undertake the refurbishment of the centre.

“This is a vital service that will meet the needs of children and families, while working with related service providers,” Wunan Foundation Chairperson Ian Trust said.

“Our collaboration ensures culturally sensitive and impactful outcomes.”

In a second initiative, Wunan Foundation and MG Corporation have partnered to revitalize the Kununurra Hostel, a 42-bed facility originally constructed in 2010 for remote Indigenous secondary students.

The facility has remained underutilised in recent years, prompting negotiations to repurpose the facility for community benefit.

Following on from 18 months of negotiations with Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL), owners of the site, the hostel has been reclassified to accommodate a broader range of First Nations services and programs, supporting Indigenous youth in the community wishing to engage in education, training or employment.

The residents will be supported with a full suite of wraparound support services to enable the best possible outcomes.

“We are pleased to partner with Wunan to reactivate the Kununurra Hostel,” MG Corporation Executive Chair Lawford Benning said.

“This initiative will provide much-needed support to young people entering employment or training and struggling to find affordable accommodation due to the current accommodation shortages affecting our community.

“We cannot understate what a significant milestone this is, and we are fully committed to delivering a sustainable operation that can maximize the potential of this great community asset.”

Wunan and MG Corporation envision numerous opportunities and projects in the East Kimberley will come to fruition through their collaboration.

This MOU solidifies their mutual commitment to seek out and implement initiatives aligned with their shared goal of enhancing the lives of all Aboriginal people in the region.

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