Nominations for Directorships Open

Yawoorroong Miriuwung Gajerrong Yirrgeb Noong Dawang Aboriginal Corporation (MG Corporation) ABN 79 270 210 553 ICN 4597 (08) 9166 4801 19 Chestnut Avenue, Kununurra, WA, 6743 PO BOX 2110, Kununurra, WA, 6743

The Dawang Council has called for nominations from MG people for director positions on the boards of:

  • MG Corporation
  • MG PBC #1
  • MG PBC #4
  • MG Dawang Land Trust Trustee
  • MG Community Foundation Trust Trustee

Nominations close 4.30pm on Friday 9 August 2024

  • Candidates who wish to nominate should:
    o complete the Directors Nomination Form and
    o Enclose a copy of their resume or information about why they would like to be a director
  • A candidates’ induction/information program will be held on during the week of 19 August 2024
  • Presentations/Interviews with the Dawang Council will be held during the week of 9 September 2024
  • Appointments are for a 2 year term
  • Candidates can nominate for one or more directorships on multiple entities.
  • A successful candidate will be required to obtain a Director ID and needs to apply before they are appointed
  • A successful candidate will need to provide a National Police Certificate, which must be reviewed and deemed acceptable by MG Corporation Directors before an appointment can be finalised.

All MG members are encouraged to apply

This is stony country – when I walk across this country where the creeks and the floodwaters have been there are lots of rocks and little stones. Lots of those stones are beautiful coloured ones. We call them gerany. Gerany is also the word for money.