Pollination awarded for Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnership

MG Corporation congratulates Pollination on being awarded the 2023 Terra Carta Seal by the Sustainable Markets Initiative for its work on the Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnership.

The partnership is a joint effort between Pollination, MG Corporation, Balanggarra Ventures and the Kimberley Land Council to produce green energy projects for domestic and export markets. It is Australia’s first 100 per cent renewable energy hydrogen and ammonia hub, which also puts Traditional Owners at the forefront of the development of our land.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this Australia-first partnership, and delighted to see it being recognised at an international level.

This is stony country – when I walk across this country where the creeks and the floodwaters have been there are lots of rocks and little stones. Lots of those stones are beautiful coloured ones. We call them gerany. Gerany is also the word for money.