Social support a focus for 2023

MG Corporation continued to deliver a range of social programs in 2023, including ongoing programs from previous years and new initiatives commenced.

Continuing programs included the Target 120 program, which has supported 33 young people aged 10 to 14 years old and 72 additional family members since it commenced in 2021; and the 100+ Jobs Program, which continued to help participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to sustain meaningful employment.

New programs introduced in 2023 included the Leaving Care Pilot Program, which supports young people aged 15 to 17 years of age who are leaving care with Centrelink applications, employment, education, training, housing, and health; the Glen Hill/Doon Doon project, which provided “at risk” youth with knowledge and training in horsemanship and station/cattle work over a six-month trial; and the Home Stretch Pilot Program, which works with young people aged 17.5 to 21 to ensure a smooth transition out of care, focusing on Centrelink, employment, education, training, identification, housing, and health.

Progress was also made towards repurposing the Youth Hostel to support the delivery of Home Stretch/Leaving Care, and developing a business case for a Healing Hub based in Kununurra, which will be a focus in 2024.

This is stony country – when I walk across this country where the creeks and the floodwaters have been there are lots of rocks and little stones. Lots of those stones are beautiful coloured ones. We call them gerany. Gerany is also the word for money.